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We offer onsite blasting we have 2 blast room a 8x8x40 blast room and a 8x8x20 blast room.

Powder Coating

Powder Extreme Coatings has 2 ovens for a wide variety of jobs. We have a 8'x8'x10' and a 6'x6'x18' oven We will be adding a 8'x8'x20' oven in the near future for quicker turn around times.

Why use powder coating?

Powder coating is a green alternative to traditional paint plus you have the benefit of a stronger more durable finish. Powder Coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to virtually any type of metal that can be used both by industry and consumers. The powder used in the process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is electrostatically sprayed onto the surface to be coated. The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until the powder is heated and fused into a smooth coating in the curing oven.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is an advance coating for exhaust designed for many reasons which include corrosion protection, thermal barrier properties, Ceramics are a “wet” process coating that, when properly applied, bar excessive heat radiation with a barrier that reflects the heat instead of absorbing it. This prevents the eventual destruction of the outer coating and the part itself. For instance, a ceramic coat applied to the inner and outer walls of tubular headers will seal the tube’s body with a thermal barrier and reduce heat transfer. This relieves the steel tube from excessive heat absorption and reduces cracking by preventing excessive expansion/contraction of the part. This barrier also protects the base metal itself, preserving the part and extending its service life. Today’s ceramic coatings are effective from 800- 2000F and come in a variety of colors and finishes.

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